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Meet the designer

I’m Dominika, Pineapple Studios’ creative brain, with a passion for design and the gift of turning rough branding ideas into a striking visual identity.

I focus on hospitality branding because I’m drawn to the passionate individuals who work in this industry. This unique blend of passion and creativity fosters a deep understanding and collaboration that fuels my love for crafting exceptional brand identities.

I am a big believer in the power of cohesive and consistent branding. When done well, it can tell a company’s unique story, and build trust and loyalty with current and future customers. I’ve been fortunate to work with some fantastic businesses, and being able to help them grow and flourish brings me immense joy.

I’m excited to meet you and collaborate on crafting a visual identity that will make a lasting impact on your customers. 


If you’re a passionate restaurateur, a visionary hotelier, a creative bakery owner, or an entrepreneur in any hospitality niche, Pineapple Studio is here to bring your brand to life. Our expertise is tailored to suit your needs and help you shine in the market.

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