Su Casa Hotel Brand Identity

A small and intimate boutique hotel, Su Casa offers an enchanting retreat for couples seeking a memorable escape.
Su Casa’s branding was meticulously crafted to represent the hotel’s essence of elegance and charm. It sought to capture the warm and inviting atmosphere, blending modern sophistication with timeless elements found within the thoughtfully designed interiors. 
Through the playful and customized font, abstract illustrations of nature, and the light and airy color palette, the branding visually translates the captivating ambiance that guests experience—a true reflection of the romantic reverie that awaits them at Su Casa Boutique Hotel.
The choice of colors reflects the hotel’s commitment to quiet elegance, where subtle tones are preferred over bold and vibrant hues. The soft color palette creates a serene and soothing environment, enhancing the overall guest experience.
The branding elements seamlessly blend into the hotel’s signage and décor. The elegant, yet playful font is used for room numbers, directional signs, and other informational displays.
The brand elements of Su Casa consist of abstract illustrations of plants, flowers, and elements of the sea and land. These illustrations evoke the beauty of the nature, connecting guests to the hotel’s surroundings. By using abstract interpretations, the brand embraces a sense of creativity and imagination.
The Su Casa logo features a playful and customized font that adds a touch of whimsy to the brand. The letters are intentionally not aligned in a single line, creating a sense of movement and fun. This unique typography reflects the hotel’s character, which is elegant but not overly formal or rigid.
Brand’s Abstract illustrations can be seen in wall art, wallpaper, or decorative accents, further immersing guests in the hotel’s enchanting ambiance.
By incorporating these branding elements into various materials, Su Casa Boutique Hotel ensures that every touchpoint resonates with the same elegance, dreaminess, and modernity that defines its identity, providing guests with a truly immersive and memorable stay.

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