Beachfront Boutique Hotel Branding

Welcoming – Efortless – Relaxed

The Beach House branding is a modern and stylish take on the classic beach house aesthetic. The goal was to create a visual identity for a space that is inviting, warm, and fun. Clean lines, contemporary typography, and playful graphic elements reminiscent of beachside living. Simple and versatile, making it easy to apply branding elements to a variety of hotel add-ons.

The Beach House branding project is not just about creating a logo; it’s about developing a comprehensive suite of add-ons that stay on-brand, build consistency, and create a memorable experience for guests. From bicycles and mugs to tote bags and door hangers, every element is designed to reflect the inviting, warm, and fun essence of the Beach House, ensuring that the brand is not only seen but felt and experienced in every detail.

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